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Industry of Plastic and Rubber Machinery

For the industry of plastic and rubber machinery, Techmation has come out with the solution of the digital factory known as "One Machine, One Picker, One System". Our THUJA manipulator (the “One Picker”) acts as the bridge between the “SANDAL” controlled injection molding machine (the “One Machine”) and the automation of the back end of manufacture procedure; the M4 Gateway connects the auxiliary equipment to the injection molding machine, and the “TM Plas Cloud” Bee system (the “One System”) carries out the data management of the automatic production units connected with the injection molding machine /manipulator/auxiliary equipment/SCARA/AOI. These constitute a basic platform for a smart factory and it could provide data management for the newly added equipment in the future as well. It could build a large database to provide a basis for analysis and could be extended to AI artificial intelligence in the future.

Application Case

  • Horizontal Injection Molding Machine Solution

  • Vertical Injection Molding Machine Solution

  • Extruder Solution

  • Picker Solution

  • TM Plas Cloud

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